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About us

Cozzmic Cakes

Providing cakes to Hartlepool, Middlesbrough and more!


Corrine has always loved helping people. In whatever way she can and in whatever way possible. So for that reason, Cozzmic Cakes has always been more than just a store that “sells cakes''. Just like with her baking, Corrine takes great joy in advising customers on cake designs, recipes and baking techniques. She’s always been forthcoming with her baking knowledge, and she’s always been happy to reveal things that have succeeded in her career. Whether that's sharing a new buttercream recipe or sharing a new fondant recipe, Corrine is always happy for a conversation that's going to help you become a better baker. Even if you were to come into the store, with no cake design in mind, she’ll happily spend some time with you to decide on a design that you’re happy with. Her care and attention to detail will surprise you. Her baking and decorating skills will amaze you.

The cakes, treats and confectionaries that Corrine has made have helped build a strong reputable brand for Cozzmic Cakes. A brand that is built upon efficiency, trust and bespoke customer care. We take great pride in the cakes that we make, because every cake receives its own individual attention. For many years, Corrine has always shown a natural flair for creativity and baking, which are the perfect recipe for a spectacular baker. As a business, our aim has always been to produce delicious treats that not only look and taste amazing but are made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. Our cakes are always fresh, never frozen, and they’re baked as close to the day as possible, to ensure the freshness lasts longer. Most importantly, the reason why our cakes have excelled in this industry is because we don’t just use a normal buttercream, but we use a white chocolate buttercream instead! This makes our cakes richer and tastier!


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